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There is a Vile Parasite Head in My Dog

This is poor, brave Lizzy. Her sister, Lola (left), is sneering in disgust with the whole proceeding. She had an engorged deer tick stuck in the back of her head. Do I need to explain how this makes my arachnophobic heart seize with horror and my butthole involuntarily twitch shut in anxiety? No? Good.

Anyhow, with alcohol, tweezers and Neosporin on hand, we tackled the vile fucking thing as gently as we could, with Mr. MacNasty wielding the tweezers as I held her still. Happy Saturday morning to us! As great as Mr. MacNasty is, he wasn't able to coax the head of the fucking thing out of her skin. We doused the whole area with alcohol and slathered it in Neosporin, which according to Dr. Internet was adequate. The head will apparently just come out as it scabs over [shudder] . I know it's normal, but I am seriously skeeved out by a dead parasite skull inside my dog's flesh. Tell me happy things, GT, so I can get my mind off of this.


Oh, and I saved the putrid body in some alcohol so the vet can test it for disease.

No, I will not post a picture of it, you sickos.

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