So I'm on my school's staffing committee, and we just got our projected enrolment and staffing for next year, so we had our preliminary planning meeting for next year.

As part of the agenda, the Principal mentioned that he is considering creating single gender classrooms. Most of the committee agreed that we felt the need to look into what the research says on the topic, so I figured this was a good place to ask for info.

My Principal was taking about having a girl only class, a boy only class, and then a mixed gender class at Grades 7 and 8. The most immediate problem I see with this, is that we are allocated a certain number of teachers for the Junior and intermediate levels, and the lowest enrolment in those two divisions is the Grade 7's and 8's. If we allocate 3 teachers to each of those Grades, then there will be classes of 40+ at one of the other grade levels.

Beyond that, I have to say I have reservations about splitting the kids up along gender lines. As a Grade 1 teacher, I have to spend time every year insisting that the world will not end if they work/play in mixed gender groupings. How much harder will that be, if my Grade 1's have older siblings who have been specially placed in single gender classes?