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TW: Domestic Violence - Woman's Day #throughglass & YT comments

I wouldn't watch this video if you think it will be triggering because it is unsettling and pretty graphic near the end.

I stumbled upon this via a Facebook link. It's a seemingly ordinary day of a life of a woman, as we see through her Google glass, but what we see of her day ends with something dark and violent.


The video was made as a campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence during International Women's Day back in early March.

And according to Professor Doctor YouTube, Ph.D, this video apparently isn't effective at all. I know YouTube commenters are known to be trollololols, but I'm absolutely disgusted that this video has nearly 5,000 likes but 7,000 dislikes. The comments are VILE. Just fucking vile. What in the actual fuck, humanity? The large amount of jokes scattered around the comments thread are all cringe-worthy. MRAs abound (HELLO, this was made for International Women's Day! Back the fuck off with your male tears!). Please don't read the comments there if you want to feel sane for the rest of the day/night/whatever.

Ugh, I quit the internet for the night.

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