I've decided to start documenting all the good things that happen to me at the end of every day. Hopefully this will make me sleep better and feel more accomplished about my days. I thought maybe GT could benefit from this tonight. My Good Things are as follows:

1) Got in a swimming pool for the first time in over a year, also got recertified as a lifeguard.

2) Woke up having a naturally excellent hair day, giving me an extra half hour which I used to watch Bob's Burgers.


3) One of my classes was cancelled so I had an extra 2.5 hours AND did not have to travel to another campus.

4) Wore a pretty sun dress for the first time this spring, also had an EXCELLENT bright lipstick day.

5) Chelsea FC beat Paris St Germain to advance to the semifinals in the Champion's League and love-of-my-life David Luiz played phenomenally. #tearsforparis