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"Play Your Roles!" A Supernatural Discussion Post

The season is nearly over but I thought a regular chat about Supernatural for the remaining episodes would be fun*! Spoilers for the latest episode, "Meta Fiction," below Castiel.

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I am getting a little bored as the show winds its way towards the conclusion of season 9. Metatron is devious, but he isn't the scariest villain. Still, this episode had Cas in it, which automatically makes it good. My thoughts about this latest episode:

  • Was anyone else relieved that Gabriel hadn't really reformed? It was a character shift that didn't work him. He's much more fun as a trickster—that Casa Erotica moment was gold!
  • Gadreel is an angel—stepping a few feet away and talking kind of quietly probably does not prevent him from hearing your plan, you guys!
  • Why isn't Crowley in this episode and also every other one?

On a side note, Crowley's latest plot arc is one of my favorites so far!

  • I am excited for Dean's new murder urge/power. It's an interesting character development and it's always nice to see Dean kick some ass. It's basically the exact same thing as last season but in mirror image, but Dean struggling with the urge to kill is more interesting than Sam struggling with...whatever the hell that was. Maybe this is just because I am heavily biased towards Dean, but I think he is a far more interesting character, especially in the last three seasons or so.
  • Metatron has extra extra strong powers because...why?
  • Castiel will now get all cultural references?! I think I like pretty but clueless Cas better.
  • Cas discovers Dean's Mark of Cain! Duh duh duhhh! That moment looked like it was shaping up to become a dramatic fight, but then suddenly it was just an uncharacteristic "Damn it, Dean!" from Cas, and then it was over. Anticlimax much?
  • But then, the ending! Is Metatron really controlling their behavior, or is he just a good judge of character, able to predict what will happen? How much of the last season was scripted by him all along? I am inclined to believe that Metatron has less control than he thinks, but that could just be because the idea freaks me out. And then again, Cas ends up doing exactly what Metatron wanted, so for now it looks like everything is going to his plan. But has Metatron kept the First Blade in mind?

So, an interesting set-up to the end of the season. Again this show comes back to the idea of stories being important, a theme we've seen before with the introduction of Chuck the prophet and one that was hammered home when everyone on all sides was pressuring the boys to accept their roles as the vessels for Michael and Lucifer. "Play your roles!" Gabriel lectured them then, so it's fitting that he is now encouraging Castiel to play his role as well.


*I know there is a sub-Kinja called TVClub but I don't know how to post there. Maybe that's something that has to be earned, like GT? Idk! I hope posting here is all right. :) This is just meant to be discussiony—obviously my ramblings are not meant to be a proper recap or review!

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