Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Day 1 is over. I did a ton of radio and also MSNBC. I haven't actually watched the clip (thanks, broken video link on MSNBC's page!) but I'm told there were ridiculous pictures of rather overweight people in trailers with babies? And also some condescending chyrons? WELP. After the show, I told Toure and Krystal Ball some jokes about that time I was working at the strip club. Because that's entirely appropriate. In my defense, Krystal was talking about working-class feminism, so it was relevant-ish. BUT THE REACTION FROM THE DUDE IN THE CONVERSATION WAS FUCKING GOLD. Dude was unsure what to do with a possible ex-stripper in a professional setting. Dude was uncomfy. Dude backed away, as in physically.

I got to explain on the radio to a man who overcame things (who eventually built his own TV show and radio empire if we're defining empire really generously?) that no, he didn't build that.


The book is out, and the reviews thus far are fairly uniform: killermartinis is an angry, angry woman. (my favorite descriptor thus far is "brutal") The people reviewing this book have clearly never read many GM pages, because I'd call it less anger, more mockery and snark. I suppose we'll just have to accept that people don't read snark.

Oh, and Penguin sent a car to drive me two blocks, not even kidding. They put me up at a vampire hotel (It's called Night and its exterior is painted entirely black because why not? Clearly some poor travel person had to look at my publicity photos and decide where to put me. Blue hair and tattoos? Totally goth. Definitely the vampire hotel. It's actually kind of thoughtful? In any case, there are giant fishtanks and Dr. Seuss-looking chandeliers and a restaurant that's made entirely of leather and five-point horns but for some reason serves mostly vegetarian food.) on 47th and no shit sent a car to drive me to NBC. Which is on 45th or 46th? I had to ask the PR people to please just let me walk three blocks next time because dear God what a waste of a car service. In other news, I have now been picked up by a service. The dude driving was cool. He was even gracious enough not to mock me for being driven three blocks, although to be fair I had no idea where I was going when I got into the car. My life this week is basically getting into either cars, planes, or small rooms with strangers and hoping for the best.


But! Love all of you. You are the best. And just because I don't often speak like a real person on the Internet anymore doesn't mean I don't miss you guys. It just means that I'm learning better than to talk about my real life or plans online, because there is no such thing as a safe space even when you think you're among friends. Sad but true, kids, sad but true.

AND TODAY I GET TO GO YELL AT ENTITLED PEOPLE ABOUT COMPASSION SOME MORE. Maybe if I'm a lucky girl, I'll get a review in that's just a picture of a bloody axe or something.

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