Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I normally don't talk about my husband's job since he is military but My husband was told yesterday that he is on 12 hours shifts starting the 1st for "training" which is code for punishment till at least the 1st of January. So 60-70 hour weeks of intense physical labor. We have been dealing with this shit for 3 years. He is leaving active duty in December but unfortunately I am leaving on Thanksgiving for our new home and we will be separated for a month... We are going to be apart for Christmas.

I know it is just a drop in the bucket but I am seriously depressed over this news. It is 100 times worse for my husband because it kills him that he can't see me or our toddler. I am going to stay with his parents and deal with setting up our new home.. I probably won't get a lot of help until my husband moves out and joins me. And I love me some privacy and alone time.


And in the meantime, we have movers pack and move our things and get ready for a cross country move. Including cleaning and re painting walls.

I am just sick of this shit. And I am feeling super down.

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