We've been in this new house for nearly 3 months, and our neighbor is fucking shitty. My parents moved into a new townhouse in a new development. The guy next door to us has this sound system that is SO loud that we often hear the bass. My parents have politely talked to him 2 or 3 times about it, but sometimes, it'll still be loud enough for us to hear the bass. Plus my mom works at home, so it's distracting. Anyway, the last time it got unbearable, my mom knocked on their door and no one answered when clearly they were home since we heard the bass. After that, my mom sent an email to our neighborhood's management about it. This was about a week ago.

So I got home this morning, and my mom told me they were playing loud music again and my mom went next door to ask them to turn it down. The girlfriend of our neighbor opened the door and had the fucking gall to tell my mom that we were harrassing them and that they'd call the police. UM, OKAY LADY. My mom has more grounds to call the police on your ass than you do. My mom was like, "I want to speak to the owner of the house and not you (she's only the girlfriend)," and the lady was all like, "We're getting engaaaaged!" Okay...so what? You're not the owner of the house. And then the lady was like, "We're trying to be friendly, but you're just making it difficult." WHAT A PSYCHO. My parents have tried to politely ask them to turn down the music NUMEROUS times and they haven't complied. If anything, they're making it difficult. Also, the lady was like, "You should do something with your walls to soundproof it." UM, it's not ON US to do that! These are newly built homes and there's nothing wrong with insulation. They just have a sound system up that's not suitable for homes like town houses!

I'm pissed and slightly nervous because you know, neighbors can do crazy shit, and I'm afraid they'll become a nightmare for us to deal with. I don't know...my parents live in a nice neighborhood in a good suburb with its like own community club house and a country club and shit. They chose this place because they thought it would be a good community, and I feel bad for them that they have to deal with this. The management of the community said that no other neighbors have dealt with this before.


Also, my mom attended a neighborhood Christmas party last week, and one of the management members told us (under the influence of lots of alcohol, apparently) that our neighbor's house was paid for by his parents or something, and they live nearby. He's in his 30s -.-

I don't know. I'm pissed, and I feel so bad for my parents. In a way, we're really helpless. There's not much we can do to improve the situation. They're clearly going to keep their sound system, which whatever, I understand. But they also don't want to comply and keep the volume down? FUCK THAT NOISE.