Oh, oh my god guys. My pet troll is back. Well, actually he's Shockwaver's pet troll. But I got him to start spewing his drivel at me too and I'm so proud and I had missed him all day and now he's BACK.

If you'd like in on the fun, here is my latest reply to him.

If you just want to play here, please send me any and all images or gifs of Uncle Joey laughing or look ecstatically happy.


Should you happen to be on Teh Twittarz, we are making fun of him there as well. Please use the hashtag #NotAllCunts, which our brilliant leader Sorcia MacNasty came up with.

Guys I'm not sure I've ever had this much fun poking at crazy just to see what happens. It's like an anthropology study run only by sociopaths, us being the sociopaths and him being the WTF EVEN IS THIS thing we are studying.