Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Logo Talk

Hello GT:

Some of you have raised legitimate concerns about our recent logo. We agree that there it's inappropriate to have a black woman's head on a white (and naked) body, and we certainly want to avoid being NSFW. Those were our reasons for taking down the logo. We are also aware of the points raised in the post about the perception that the logo was poking fun at lesbians. More than half of the current moderating squad identify as queer or bisexual, none of whom found the same offense in the image, but we understand and appreciate that everyone approaches these issues from different experiences. The lovely FortheloveofBeets was kind enough to make us another one – it's in the same vein but without offensive photo-shopping.


There was a Kinja glitch yesterday across ALL the sites that was making the logos all huge, making it impossible to read the first few lines of articles. That was why there was no logo yesterday. We've never been hacked.

ETA: The glitch was only about 10 minutes, but by then we were talking about alternative logos, so we just left it down. Sorry I wasn't more clear!


For future reference, we'd like to ask you all to come to us, the Mods, if you have serious concerns about GT. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating what amounts to a Call-out post and turning what should be a matter of a couple of thoughtful emails and a real conversation into a aggressive and petty mob scene.

From the GT Rules:

"We are not asking that everyone get along. We are not banning cathartic ranting. But we are asking that authors on this forum maybe think twice before posting about how much they hate Commenter X, especially when they know Commenter X will see the post, and everyone will start bitching about everyone else. No one enjoys seeing that go down. It's awkward, it's embarrassing, and most importantly, it damages the community.


Because I anticipate this will be a question asked, allow me to be perfectly clear on an issue related to 'don't be a jerk'. We are not here to censor unpopular opinions. We are not asking you to post only along certain political views. We are not asking you to refrain from discussing touchy subjects. The mods are not here to police your views. For the most part (see above) talk about anything you want – make your points respectfully and clearly, accept that not everyone will agree with what you have to say, and understand that this is an open forum where a lot of different kinds of people will read your post. This is a rule of thumb that applies to authors, commenters, and mods on Groupthink. Don't be a jerk."

We appreciate the few of you who came to us directly to ask about this issue and request a response. Let us know if you have questions in the comments.


ETA: The plan was to cycle out the logos, since we got so many great submissions, on a monthly basis, throughout the year. This will still be the plan.

ETA: groupthinkmods@gmail.com is our email. Please use it any time you'd like to talk to us about anything.

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