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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The importance of the neighborhood bar.

I keep telling myself, one day I'll host a Groupdrink, one day I'll host a Groupdrink...then laziness kicks in. Also whenever I have the energy, my personal Groupdrink, quickly turns into a personal GroupNap. Which is awesome, but counterproductive.

But really is there anything more important than the local watering hole? Where you sidle up to the bartender and they tell you the ins and outs of local news/trivia.


Maybe pick up a conquest or two?

I moved into my apartment 2 months ago, and it's taken me two months to find my 2nd favorite bar. My absolute favorite bar is in RVA (you know who you are), and will never be replaced.


Bartenders that play the Pixies for you whenever you'd walk in.

Gossip about regulars.

Everybody knows you're name.

But there's something about a local dive bar. Shitty to decent food. Shitty to decent drinks. And fabulously bright personalities. A willingness to make sure you as a patron is alright. A knowledge of what will entertain you.


I may be writing this in one now (I am, 4 drinks in) and I know I can get all the fried pickles I want. It's a good feeling. Also good music. Also good drinks.

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