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Welcome To The Bitchery

$17.35 Per Minute

For 35 minutes.


For a grand total $607.25. For 35 minutes.

That’s how much it cost to have the vet run the battery of tests so she could tell me what I told the her from the get go that I thought my dog had. (And she actually knocked $200 off of the invoice for me because of personal reasons. Which was awesome of her. But still.) It’s a lot.


Also worth noting:


It’s an infection of his bladder or kidneys or prostate. All of which are treated with the same antibiotic, thank goodness. Because I’m kinda broke right now, and broker still with this surprise expense.


He’s worth it, don’t get me wrong. But I know my old dog, and his symptoms just weren’t screaming renal failure or butt cancer to me.

Everyone’s an expert though, right?

Like, I totally get that she wanted to rule other horrible heartbreaking things out, but man oh man, that’s a lot of bread for 35 minutes of jabbing/squeezing him, radiating him from three angles, handling his feces and urine ever so briefly, and finger banging his butthole (he shat on the xray table, likely from all the butthole stuff they did. AT LEAST BUY HIM A COUPLE DRINKS FIRST FOR FUCKS SAKE! YOU GOTTA EASE INTO THAT!)


But the important thing is that I was right. It’s just an infection and not some sort of awful dog killing disease. And he’s already perked up a ton with the antibiotics and painkillers, which is so relieving to me. I can finally sleep properly again.

I owe it all to you guys. For sending out those positive vibes.

Thank you, Groupthink. You saved my dog and his slippery hind Trumpmouth.

Thanks again y’all! Ramen for everyone at my place tomorrow!

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