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17 Year-Old Girl Wins State Primary for WV House

West Virginian Saira Blair won the primary for her local seat in the WV House, beating two-time incumbent and fellow Republican Larry Kump.

With old-fashioned personal campaigning, a lot of support, and more gumption than I could muster on my most gumptiony day, Blair beat her opponent in a low-turn-out election, where a mere 1,800 votes were cast. That notwithstanding, Blair maintained a concise, specific platform - speaking mainly to education, the price of gas, and the Second Amendment, and encouraged her peers and friends to vote and participate.


As Republicans are largely expected to win her district (and the majority of the WV House in general) for the first time since before the Crash of '29, there is a high likelihood of Blair heading to Charleston in the new term.

Granted, it probably doesn't hurt that Saira's father, Craig Blair, was elected to the WV State Senate two years ago. That said, Saira was raised amid politics and clearly cultivated a passion for it, even discussing her campaign and platform with her high school civics teacher. (Author's Note: They still have civics in places?! I'm impressed!)

Both Blair's opponent in the primary and her current Democratic competition have been gracious and encouraging about her win.

Come November, the West Virginia House might have a very young, but very determined new member.


ETA: It has become apparent that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for young people - particularly young women - asserting their political rights. To which I can only say, "And I thought I was a cynic." Christ on a cracker.

Story on NPR.

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