I just wanted to share some happy news about me and GreenHunk. :) We had our last couple’s therapy session yesterday and our therapist told us we don’t need therapy anymore, but she’ll be on call if we need her. We are both so much happier than we were in January, happier than we’ve been in probably a year and a half. He’s finally starting to completely let me in emotionally. I can feel a huge difference in the climate of our relationship. Last weekend he initiated sex in the middle of the night, out of a dead sleep! It was so hot, and afterward I lay there with a huge smile on my face thinking, “Everything is really going to be okay.” He hadn’t done that in over a year.

WE DID IT you guys! I mean, nothing is ever perfect, but we figured out how not to hurt each other, even when we disagree. We’re getting married and I’m not scared of it anymore. I finally believe in us.

What’s your happy news this week?