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Friday I hate my sibling thread

I love my brother I really do, but he’s 27 (my twin) and living at home (I come home on the weekends, which is how this became my problem) and an idiot. His new girlfriend really really likes cooking and so he wants to do a couple cooking thing. OK, fine, I suggest he go find one of the bazzillion cooking classes in the city (we’re in NYC, this is not difficult) because the logistics for trying to make this work at home would be iffy...so of course he ordered Blue Apron...

I’m now dealing with my grandma (who lives with my brother and my mom) flipping out ‘cause she doesn’t really let anyone into her kitchen-like even I only really get it when she’s out of town or completely exhausted-and she hates the girlfriend for all sorts of (stupid, somewhat xenophobic) reasons. And I’m trying to cram his order into the fridge, a fridge that’s well stocked to feed 3 adults ‘cause Russian grandmother. And since my family has long since switched over to kosher meat for me, we’ve only got like one teeny tiny pot that’s really okay to be used for non-kosher stuff. He said he’d just buy a pot at Target, which *snort* yeah obviously boy hasn’t cooked (he also sorely tests my “I will not lecture people I lend money to” philosophy).

And my phone went up in (metaphorical) flames again and I forgot I had a dentist appointment monday. The only upside to the day was finding out Bed, Bath, and Beyond not only sells my current favorite shampoo/conditioner, but also the really hard to find coordinating cleansing creme.


So uh yeah, what’re your headdesky relative rants?

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