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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GT, I need advice on a somewhat TMI thing

Trigger warning for vague mention of sexytime stuff. Uh, kinda intense sexytime stuff.

So,Daughter & Fiance are coming up this weekend. I have a pool table. (Ooh, she’s so fancy.) And uh, we don’t actually play a lot of pool, but the table does get used. So I have some light bruising here and there, but nothing that can’t be explained away as walking into the thing or just wearing jeans. But I also have what amounts to rug-burn on identical spots on each elbow. And by my forearms. (Don’t worry, this is how we do.)


Help me come up with a good cover story for the elbows? Because it’s still hot as balls and I don’t think Daughter will believe I’ve converted to Pentecostalism with the all long-everything-all-the-time. Surely there’s some normal way to have little bruises on your elbows?

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