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Victorian Living seems kind of whack

ETA to be slightly less judgey (but i’m a judgemental bitch sooo ymmv)


So i read this piece earlier. while i was not paying attention in class #futuredoctor....

anyways it was kind of smug and annoying, but what really bugged me was that it seems like beyond just wanting to have old timey clothes and gadgets and stuff, this woman is literally doing all the work. like everything she says is “I do this and I do that and I drain the ice-box and I sew my clothes and I change the oil lamp oil etc. etc. etc.” So I’m just wondering - did she actively choose the Victorian Era as a time when women did all the house shit or is her husband just not helpful and it’s extra apparent because THEY PRETEND TO LIVE IN THE OLDEN DAYS. I mean, it seems like they both made this decision, but she seems to bear the brunt of it. She makes her own clothes while he gets his made by a seamstress. She gets groped and hollered at in the street while he just looks like an uber-hipster.


like beyond the sheer whack-assery of deciding to live like it’s 1888 clothes and stuff wise, she’s also living that way womens-rights and autonomy-wise.

it just really rubbed me the wrong way. i mean, i’m all for people doing their own weird thing (steampunk? sure! freegan vegan? do your thing!) as long as it doesn’t impede the rest of us. but the patriarchal overtones of this lifestyle are just so harsh! maybe it’s just highlighting how little has changed re: women doing most housework but at least the housework now is easier?


and I mean ok yea Choice Feminism* says: yes she chose a patriarchal lifestyle, but that’s Her Choice To Make!

Just because I think it would be a bad lifestyle for me doesn’t make it objectively a bad lifestyle. I guess my main gripe with this is the same one I have with those “I don’t need feminism because ....” people and also anyone who knowingly converts to Duggar-style religions/lifestyles - it just seems like such a slap in the face to the feminists who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get us lucky women the rights we do have! And we’re still fighting for true equality!


what do you guys think?

<3 <3 <3

back to biochem now :’(

*at least that’s what I think Choice Feminism is... correct me if I’m wrong

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