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My Son Requested the Most Random Costume Ever: Help Me Make It

Me: So Halloween is coming up soon.

Le Petit Comte: Oh yes!

Me: Do you know what you want to be?

Le Petit Comte: I don’t know.

Me: Well, you could be Batman, or Superman, or Rainbow Dash, or a knight, or a pirate...


LPC: No... ... ... Oh. I know. I’m going to be a plum.

Me: ... Like... the fruit?

LPC: *getting really excited* YEAH! I’m going to be a PURPLE PLUM!

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... I figured this was just a weird thing that came to him and he’d forget about it, but no. He’s pretty gung ho about being a plum for Halloween because my kid is a weirdo.

I am not crafty and so I usually just buy costumes, but as you can imagine there really aren’t a whole lot of plum costumes out there. I figured I could make one, but does anyone have any good ideas as to how to go about this? I figured I could probably look up some pumpkin costume tutorials and just tweak it slightly, but if anyone has some thoughts off the top of your head I’d love to hear them.


Bonus question: what should my daughter be? She’ll be almost a year and a half at Halloween. So far some ideas are Patti Smith (we have a book of famous feminist icons and Patti Smith is her favorite), Wonder Woman, Sophia Petrillo, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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