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Welcome To The Bitchery

How long ago was it that Gawker pulled a Kinja on us and started blurring out our comment images, tossing us all into the guilty until proven innocent pending greys? And do you remember why? Ah yes it was the rape gifs posted by the burner accounts (Which were supposed to bring Brian Williams in to comment from a safe place if I remember AJ’s reasoning).

So, now Sam Biddle just tosses screen shots and a link to a possible rape gif on the front page of Gawker. Is it rape? Not sure, personsally and I know there are strong feelings both ways but that’s not my point. I want to know why I have to see this NSFW, possible rape in progress on the front page of the site, when we’re all being persecuted for someone else’s very same actions that Gawker deemed wrong?

I wish I was a little better at framing my argument but this is disrespectful to all of us in my opinion.


[To make THIS less offensive, removed link to Sam Biddle’s Indiana frat hazing story posted on Gawker and now Jezebel]

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