Last night I came home and found Mr. Ivriniel shivering and sweating, and his right leg was all red. He also told me he had a piercing headache, and was having trouble balancing. Made a quick call to my Mom (a retired RN) and then got him dressed, in the car, and off to the Emergency Room.

The triage nurse, looked at his leg, took his temp, and then sent us straight to an exam room. No sitting in the waiting room at all. They did bloodwork, put 2 litres of saline, and 2 grams of antibiotics in him, did more bloodwork, and then sent him home after setting up the paperwork for three days of homecare IV antibiotics. I am staying home with him today to make sure everything gets set up.

Back in July, Mr. Ivriniel had a bout of cellitius in the same leg. It was a serious infection that required 8 days of IV antibiotics followed by another 10 days of oral antibiotics.


Apparently, his leg started hurting again on Sat, and he noticed it was getting a little red. But the first I heard of any of this was Tuesday night when he was talking to the Emerg Doctor! It’s not like he hadn’t been warned the cellitius can reoccur. Or he hasn’t been told if the infection goes any deeper it could turn into flesh eating disease.

This bout seems worse in some ways, but better in others. His fever is higher, and he seems very drained, but his leg is nowhere near as swollen and red.

Not sure what caused this, though I have a theory. His skin is rather dry peely on that leg, which is a risk factor, coupled with poor circulation in his legs. Add in the fact that he is too lazy to get himself a fresh pair of socks every day (infection started in shin both times).