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Who wants to learn a language?

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As some of you are already aware, a group of us have been using Duolingo to learn/practice new languages. I’ve been posting weekly leaderboards so that everyone can see how they’ve done relative to the rest of the group. My question for you all now: Is there interest in keeping this up in 2016?


What’s all this about?

For those of you who aren’t already acquainted with Duolingo, let me copy and paste the description from last year’s post:

Duolingo, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a website/app that helps you learn a language. It’s a bunch of short exercises, and the goal is to do just a little bit every day. You can learn whatever language you want, or refresh a language you already learned, or pick more than one!


Currently, Duolingo offers Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Danish, Turkish, and Norwegian. They’re also running beta versions of Ukrainian, Esperanto, Russian, and Polish and are (supposedly) almost done developing Hungarian, Czech, Welsh, and Vietnamese. (If you’re interested in seeing what else they have in development, or if you’re a native speaker of something other than English, you can see all of their courses here.)

I currently have my daily goal set at 20 points (two exercises) and it usually takes me less than ten minutes per day, sometimes more like five minutes.


What’s the community component?

You can add friends on Duolingo, which allows you to see how everyone is doing. I’ve been posting leaderboards (almost) every Sunday since the beginning of last year. Though occasionally I do forget, putting together the leaderboards really isn’t too much trouble for me, so I’m happy to continue doing it if there’s interest. If only a handful of people are up for it, I’ll probably let it drop.


A note on the timing: I know a lot of folks aren’t here on Sundays, so it’s not the best time to post the leaderboards. Unfortunately, the Duolingo week ends on Sunday evenings, so we’re kind stuck with it. However, I’m open to considering a repost on Mondays, if people want that.

I’m new to this, but it sounds cool. How do I get involved?

Step 1: Tell me you’re interested! Obviously you can do this no matter what by signing up at duolingo.com, but I’m only going to continue the posts if there’s a decent amount of interest. If you want to do this, SAY SO in the comments!


Step 2: Sign up for an account and follow me (MPFBonnet). I’ll follow you back. Please also leave your username in the comments here.

Step 3 (optional): Download the app so that you can do it on your commute, while waiting for a bad date to show up, while in line at Starbucks, etc.


I did this last year and want to continue. Do I need to do anything?

Thank you for asking! YES. Yes you do.

Step 1: Say something! Again, I need a certain amount of interest before I’m going to commit to keeping it going.


Step 2: Leave your username in the comments, especially if you haven’t been on the leaderboard lately. I’m going to be unfollowing a lot of the inactive accounts in the next little while, because I’m following a LOT of people who aren’t actually doing this anymore.

I think this is dumb and I’m tired of seeing the posts every week.

Well I think you’re dumb, so I guess we’re even.

(That’s not true, you are a beautiful sunflower and I love you even if you do have rude opinions. Also please learn to just skim past things you don’t want to read like the rest of us do.)


Can I share this post elsewhere on Kinja?

Sure! However, this year I don’t plan on sharing posts every week unless I have authorship on the blog in question. Asking someone to share to Backtalk every week was kind of annoying. I’m cool if you want to keep on top of sharing the post every week, or if the mods want to give me posting privs that’s awesome, but I’m not going to keep bothering people to share my posts. If you think another community would like this but they don’t really like shared posts, I’m open to cycling through where I put the post up.


I have another question/suggestion/gif of a piglet hanging out with a kitten.

Leave it in the comments!

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