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TW pot - How to quit for good?

UPDATE: my first test arrived much quicker than I thought it would, but I ended up at my brother’s house for dinner, and they smoke tons of pot here. So I will say no and go home sober and clear-headed and proud of myself ^_^

Hey all. Sorry I’ve been a ghost—grad school kinda consumed my life for a bit. Luckily I got into the groove of things, got straight A’s in my first term, and things are going pretty well in that department.


I’m late to the resolution game, but last night cinched it: I want to quit smoking pot for good. I’ve never been a heavy user, never had a dependency or abused it to the detriment of the rest of my life, but it’s been a steady thing I do every now and then (sometimes more often than others) for, oh dear, almost a decade, I guess? That’s nuts.

I’ve gotten into the poor habit of smoking up when I’m bored, which leads to a lot of munchies late at night. But it also results in me waking up with a headache, feeling REALLY spacey, and utterly tanks my mood the next day. I’m already struggling with a wonky sleep schedule and focusing issues right now; I’m having trouble getting to bed on time and getting up early, and that can really affect my day. The pot doesn’t help with any of that, and while it is fun in the moment, the effects later on just make me feel gross and sad and disconnected.


I’ve thrown out my pipe and cut up my medical card; they’re both out in the outside trash bin, never to be recovered. But I’m hoping y’all can maybe help me with how to remain motivated to stay away for good, including (at least for now) at parties. I’m not great at resisting certain vices, and this is one of them. Any tips? I’ve quit pot for a few months before, but Vancouver made it really really easy to acquire (because the dispensaries sell by the gram).

Thanks in advance for whatever you’ve got to say, and I’ve missed you guys.

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