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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Applied for several jobs this afternoon after meeting with the coordinators very briefly in the morning. Went and did other stuff for the next three hours—began taxes, made phone calls, etc—and nothing popped up in my inbox. So at 3:30ish I unplugged from the internet in order to study for an hour, and when I go back, BOOM there’s an email from one of the coordinators, timestamped 3:36, saying “Hey, can we meet tomorrow morning, it’s my only available time this week, and please get back to me ASAP because my schedule can fill up quickly”. I emailed back with a time, but it’s pretty clear that she’s gone home for the night.

I did everything right, GT. I applied for jobs, I adulted, I even did a little studying (though less than I’d hoped to do). I really really really do not want to have missed this opportunity by six whole minutes.


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