I have finally started trying to find businesses in my in my new city (ok, I’ve been here 8 months) and the results have been mixed.

I get pedicures a few times a year and was due for one:

Pedicure place #1—left TWO messages, never got a call back.

Pedicure place #2—good work, AMAZING leg massage, will return in the future.

I don’t wax regularly, but I have not wanted to shave my legs and decided that I’d rather pay someone to deal with it so I can start wearing dresses without feeling like a yeti.


Waxing Place #1—left TWO messages; no return calls

Waxing Place #2—left TWO messages; no return calls

Ended up waxing my own legs tonight and results were as I expected—smooth look with random hairs left over.

I HATE being blown off by businesses. If you don’t have appointments when I want them, at least call me back and see if there are other times that’ll work.

I wanted to get some fun color in my hair, which is a rarity, so I found a local place. GREAT work, fun vibe, but holy shit it was expensive. I’m used to not dying my hair and getting cuts like 2x a year, so I had to keep a passive face when the total came up (yes, I am an idiot and didn’t ask for quotes—just went with the awesome reviews and took the appointment). She also upsold me on a semi-permanent toner that I didn’t go in for, and while it looks nice, it’s not that different. Lesson learned, and I’ll only go back for the specific colors for her, not a cut, and not any additional color.


Also, I’ve spent so much $$$ this week on car repairs, personal beauty, and an upcoming tahoe trip (more than I was expecting on the hair, less on the wax, and never-ending car repairs). This is what happens when I have time off. No more fun for the rest of the month for me...