Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I guess I’ll start with HI GUISE!!! I was kinda planning to hang back while things got chill and some personal stuff sorted itself out. Guess what? It’s not sorted! And nothing is ever chill, really, is it? I miss interacting with you all a bunch. I still bop around, read Jez and the subs. Check in on twitter now and again. While it is comforting, it’s not the same as the conversations and all the learning through discussion. Seriously, I effing miss you all.

So, I brought you all this. Here’s the first bit:

Shania Clifford, a 17-year-old from Scioto County, became the first female to win a gold medal in the SkillsUSA Ohio masonry competition in late April.

But in mid-May, Clifford found out she would not be attending the next level of the competition, a national leadership and skills conference held in Louisville, Kentucky.

And she found out via Facebook.

I’m fuming about it, yet I need to focus on other things this morning (that personal stuff that won’t sort itself requires my attention). And I don’t know anyone who works for Jez/subs any longer to email/DM the link over to. I wanted someone to be pissed with me. Because this whole thing reeks of Good Ol’ Boys Maths™ and folks forgetting that the internets exist. I’m hopeful that giving this a platform assists in reminding them to not do this shite again.


Cheers! ~umgeek

I hope I know what I’m doing as I haven’t published a thing in years. xx

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