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Today my friend and I stopped by the Spirit Halloween store (I still think it’s too early, but she was excited, so I was willing to go). While there, I saw these and had to take a picture. My friend agreed they were good, but was a little confused by my excitement. Sorry the picture quality isn’t the best.

Look guys, she’s a doctor! Not a nurse, not a “overly sexy for a 12 year-old” doctor. But, an actual doctor! Sure, they went with pink under the coat....but she’s a doctor! And, looking on their website, they actually have a girl wearing the blue version of this too.


And look, a police officer. Not a “too sexy” police officer (the pose is borderline...but at least she is fully covered), not even a “policewoman”. She’s a police officer.

And finally a firefighter. Yeah, she is in pink...but it is full bunker gear, not some stupid sexy thing.


Things still aren’t perfect, but these are such a vast improvement over some stuff I’ve seen in the past. And, yeah, there were still some of the “way too young for that kind of sexy” costumes. But, it was still heartening to see these three.

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