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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Panhandling for School Supplies THANKS

Update 3: I accidentally doxxed myself with that photo, so trust that there was a photo with a ton of boxes.

Update 2: Oh my god, a lot has been delivered today. You guys are my heroes.

The kids are bummed that it isn’t anything more exciting than supplies, but I’m happy!


Update 1: You guys are seriously the best. The best. Thank you for all the people who have chipped in, even if it’s with suggestions and pep talks!

1st and 2nd Grade School Supplies

So, I’m about a month into teaching and things are going a bit better. There are still some behavior management problems, but things are beginning to gel a bit more.


One thing that I am running into is that my school does not have a lot of resources, so I am spending a lot of money on supplies out-of-pocket. I’m gonna bite the bullet and throw my Amazon wishlist out there to you fine people.

Yes, these supplies are shockingly basic. Yes, it’s hard to get my hands on them. Yes, our educational system is effed up.


Anything helps, but you all have already done more than enough with all the pep talks when I am freaking out about my new career.

ETA: If you want to help but don’t want to go the Amazon route, email me at askimbenimkinja@gmail.com and I will send you details (if I recognize that you are not a serial killer and stuff.)


I don’t care about brands or anything, so if you have something similar on hand and are willing to part with it, email me!

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