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Can we have a mid-week complain/share fest about weird co-workers? The kind where their behavior is so inexplicable that you can’t even put your finger on their strangeness?

ETA: I have to add my worst one. I can’t believe I forgot it until now. A lawyer that left my firm a few months ago was the weirdest PERSON I have ever met, not just co-worker. She was very rude so I do not feel bad about thinking everything about her was awful and strange. She was spoken to by our boss on a weekly basis about her being unable to work nicely with others.


One day my co-worker and I entered the office and there was an open tupperware container that had obviously been heated up the night before and had been sitting there for ~ 12 hours. Our coworker routinely ate late at night in here office...she worked until 12 am most nights FOR NO REASON. It was filled with cold cooked squash and corn. We had roaches in our kitchen before so this was a big no-no. My co-worker put a post-it on the tupperware (a whole other office weird thing to do...) that said “DON’T LEAVE FOOD OUT PLEASE!” About an hour later, we watched as this co-worker lifted up the tupperware, read the note, stared at it like an alien, and then proceeded to place the food back in the microwave for 20 seconds, take it out and eat it while standing there.

We were stunned.

The latest was a new contract attorney that my firm who was on a trial basis. She was SO nice. Like...too nice. I felt bad because at first I was like maybe I’m just such a curmudgeon and this is normal.

Then... everyone started being like “hey..is there something REALLY off about the new girl?” On her third day, she planned a party that she set up in our office for the person she was going to potentially replace...who was not leaving on good terms. She came around to each office and handed us invitations (!?) to the going away party. She continued to throw little parties in the office and hand out invitations but everyone is so busy here that they would decline. She was ALWAYS smiling but it seemed very fake and uncomfortable. I know it sounds like I’m an asshole but trust me...it was very strange. Ultimately she ended up not being hired because her work was not good enough...but I still wonder if she would’ve stayed when she would’ve snapped. It drives me crazy because I can’t exactly figure out what made everyone so uncomfortable.

Please share! I’m in the mood to read some weird office stories.

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