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Graduate school transition

Mr GV just started a psych Master’s program. It’s been a difficult transition, but he’s doing ok in school and at life. There are a couple completely do-able things he’s asked for (eg., more room for himself around the house). There are things I need to do first and I need his help (mostly lifting). I was letting him know the top three of these things and he had a mini freak-out on me.

Me: Do you think I don’t get it? I spent 13 years in undergrad and graduate school [I have a doctorate and had to go part time for part of my program]. 13 years! You didn’t invent going to graduate school!


Apparently, that was the right thing to say because he laughed and calmed down. Dude has been so convinced his whole life that he’s doomed to wander the earth alone forever that he forgets there are other people around him. Now he has an entire cohort who are going through similar things and it’s probably overwhelming to someone as introverted as he is (I’m about 50/50 intro/extrovert).

Now I gotta find someone to help me move a chair!

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