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White male fragility

For the most part, I have myself in a bit of an echo chamber when it comes to social media. FB is where I do most of my stuff. I rarely use IG and I read Twitter more than I actually tweet.

I’m opinionated and blab about all kinds of things ranging from politics to my daughter and partner, cat gifs, even a recent tear that involved Chick Tracts. My political posts have been fairly frequent and I feel very strongly about this election. I don’t care if people agree, though most are like-minded.


Today, I hurt some widdle feelers and was accused of voter intimidation. For posting that voting for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump. I suggested that I certainly aggressively stated an opinion, but that I didn’t engage in any acts of intimidation. He persisted until I posted the ACLU information about voter intimidation.

So, very privileged, middle-aged, high-income, white guy is offended by something I (less privileged, middle-aged, low-income, white woman) said and attacked in response.


I know this happens all the time, it’s just rare because I don’t directly interact with a lot of people online (like I said, bit of an echo chamber). Also, I didn’t grow up with the internet, so it isn’t old hat for me. It was really silly.

Young me would have been all over the damn internet trying to stamp out ignorance, though.

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