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OT: How are you doing?

Knowing and keeping up with what has been happening the past few weeks, I’ve been holding back a bit. It felt like the right time to step back, listen and support, rather than maybe talk about trivial things no one wants to read about. Now that things have come to pass and we live in a world where populism and nationalism seem to be the reigning themes, we do have to go on. Life goes on, although this can be hard. So I thought I’d ask:

How are you doing?

Share how you’re doing. What’s happening. Today or this week. About yourself, work, your pet, your family. Trivial or deep. Share what you want :)


I’ve had some really amazing few weeks! So many things are the polar opposite of what I once felt or expected. I’ll cut them up in small bits.

1. I won awards!
And by I, I mean my team! I can’t believe that weeks ago I was doubting my abilities, convinced I’d never be good enough and felt like I could hardly breath from the burden of trying to be better and better and better. Then the project that was under my lead, that was my best work, won 2 international awards! After a lot of back and forth (my bosses you guys.. ugh) 3 of us went to London to give a speech on stage. And and and! I met Gwendolyn Christie you guys! And she’s so beautiful and so gracious and nice!


2. I got a raise!
An actual GOOD raise. Despite my health problems all my contributions have been noticed. I was expecting a raise but a shit one and I really wanted and deserved to make a whole lot more. I was ready to laugh. What I’m more proud of though : During my salary negotiations my boss asked if I felt respected and appreciated at work and I just.. told the truth. Told him I thought our office had an unsafe environment where feedback couldn’t be given, we were treated bad by the bosses and they showed no respect. I felt appreciated by my peers but frankly not by the bosses and it was incredibly demotivating. He seemed to take it very seriously and was shocked to hear it. Trust me, I was not unclear about the level of unhappiness I have experienced at their hands.

3. I’m going to move in with boobieguy!
We’d been talking about it and planning on saving for a month or two after he graduated and then looking for a place together. Buuuut my roommate cancelled our shared appartment at the beginning of this month. So at the end of the month I’m going to put my stuff back in storage again (remember last year? Fond fond memories.. To be honest, I’m really getting good at this minimal living stuff!) and moving into boobieguy’s tiny student studio from where we’ll start our appartment search! He graduated yesterday with a 9 our of 10!!
2 years again I thought I deserved nothing more than what I had. To be unhappy and feel unloved. Because no one else could love me or treat me better than my ex. I was convinced. Now I’m with someone who makes me feel loved and supported. Every. Single. Day. He’s amazing and I do my utter best to make sure he feels that. YAY!
So much stuff happening!


4. Health stuff is still puttering on
Still on acid reduction meds for my stomach. Still get exhausted for no reason. Still have trouble eating. Still losing weight (lost 10kg in total now!). Getting bloodtests again next week and I’m going to a stomach specialist 20th of december (hopefully I won’t be underweight by then.) Andd...getting my last wisdom tooth removed next week. These days, I really miss alcohol.

5. I too am scared of the future, but I believe we have to keep hope
After brexit and the US elections I’m terrified for my country. We’re having elections in May and I’m going to get involved. I have to. I don’t know how yet but I have to make sure I do what I can to not get Trump Jr. (Wilders) elected in our country. We have to stop this trend from continuing in every country this next year (us here but also france, germany, etc.). We’ll keep working for a better future, all of us together :)

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