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Anyone watching Rachel Maddow?

The DT administration is a true clusterfuck. I’ve read pieces about that over the past couple of days - but it is really hitting me now. He wants his kids to get security clearance to receive briefings while helping him with his transition AND running his company? Steve Bannon (will he be allowed in the white house?)? Basically every other person he is considering for his cabinet? Lack of awareness that he has to hire a White House staff? Lack of awareness of what the President does? The horrific conflicts of interest .... the list goes on and on.

I overheard my landlord say that at least DT will reduce the size of the government. Well, sure - that’s because no one wants to work with him and he’s incompetent.


I can’t figure out who would be worse - Bolton or Gingrich for Sec’y of State.

If something happened and he could not be president after all - and if it happened BEFORE the inauguration — would the presidency automatically go to Pence still?


I know I’ve asked this before - but is there any hope for the electoral college to put HRC in the office instead?

Is there any chance that Obama will just appoint Garland to the Supreme Court?

Rachel and Chris Hayes seem punch drunk at the sheer idiocy of all of this.

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