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Reporting incidents?

One of the students who helps me out with my research disclosed to me yesterday that her friends have been harassed/attacked (verbally and physically). They are afraid to report it to the police. I’m looking into possible university channels for reporting, but not all of these friends are students, and not all incidents happen on campus. I recommended the Southern Poverty Law Center - but I’m not sure what they can do besides track the events (which I see as super valuable, but may not be helpful enough for those who have been attacked). Any recommendations for reporting for people who are scared?

As an aside, my student is here legally but is still scared. It’s heartbreaking as she is considering graduating early and leaving. I know I am preaching to the choir here - but diversity is good - it makes us better. If we lose large swaths of diverse people (who enrich our communities and country) because they are scared, that is just tragic and will negatively affect all of us and our nation.


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