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Hey guys...I’m trying not to think about how the U.S. is doomed and my professional life and home life are going to be super affected.

So...with that in mind...help me deal with this relatively dumb relationship problem?


My boyfriend’s friends from Italy were in town this past weekend. They all wanted to go to an “American strip club” so my friends and I were like errrr ok we can do that...

Anyway, they went kind of wild and all ended up getting lap dances and stuff. My boyfriend got one while I was like...50 feet away and I didn’t know until it was happening. I acted real cool about it because his friends were there and I don’t know them that well. Also...after the lap dance my boyfriend did not say ANYTHING to me.

Edited to add: He was in a private room with the stripper...not just a situation where his friends called the woman over. It was just a tiny private room for about 10 min.

I’m still trying to be “cool” but I am really finding myself not wanting to be around my boyfriend or have him touch me at all. I feel lame. I hate feeling weird or jealous sooo much. I really don’t care about the lap dance as much as like... he didn’t act affectionate or loving to me afterward at all.


I talked to him about it and he earnestly said he just thought the whole experience was awkward and his friends pushed him into it and he just wasn’t thinking. I reminded him he is a 30 year old grown man and no one can push some into it, and he could’ve at least talked to me about it.

Anyway...what would you do?

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