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Things that don't violate Facebook's Community Standards

I am part of a Facebook group that lurks NeoNazi Facebook pages and reports offensive posts to Facebook. I am really questioning what Facebook’s community standards are, when things like the following are found not to violate them:

1) A meme of a guy holding a baseball bat with the caption “Take back our streets.” Yeah, that’s not incitement to violence or anything.


2) A image of a young woman standing next to a chimp with the caption “Race-mixing: for when you are so butt ugly, only a chimp would have you.”

3) Posts celebrating the murder of Jo Cox, with the hashtag “better dead than red”


4) A photoshopped picture of Michelle Obama implying she is a transwoman.

5) An image of a black doll with a noose around its neck, with a caption saying that today is “hang a Black Friday”.


6) A whole series of posts where a woman was doxxed, and the NeoNazis are harassing and threatening her by taking pictures of landmarks near her house. These posts also mention her relatives.

7). A video that strongly implies that Jews run the world.

Given the last one especially, I can only conclude Facebook’s Community Standards were more or less copied from 1930's Germany.

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