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Mad & sad

I’ve been laying low on the BookFace lately. Not because I can’t fight, but because I’m too demoralized, still smoldering with anger, to make an argument that doesn’t include curse words & utter RAGE. I’d wanted to de~activate my account all together in October, but I’m involved in things that require me to be there, so.

I just posted this because I’m sick & fucking tired of this Gnightmare Gnome. I’m afraid for everyone. I also need to pick my battles. I could have written a fucking WALL of text on that post with stats & facts, but I know attention spans are severely limited these days. I hope I boiled todays fuckery down to its essence in a fairly okay way. And if I didn’t? Well, bad on me.


The leading picture of President Obama & Michelle Obama is on purpose. I watched a movie last night that ended with Jesse Owens and his wife having to ride a freight elevator to a Fancy Dinner in his honor....they had to go to a side entrance & ride a freight. I burst in to tears because I immediately recalled this iconic photograph of the Obamas in a freight elevator on Inauguration night. Mr. 4th did not know what to do or say.

I thought we’d come so far...

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