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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Morning OT

The shitty weather has returned after a week of warm sun and the hope of a nice spring. Well, I know why I budgeted some money for the bus this month. *sighs*

I managed to accidentily trigger our alarm system when trying to close the store. Luckily I’ve heard that particular nasty sound before otherwise it’d have been super fun trying to find out what the hell just happened right in the center of the city close to a very busy plaza. Then we had to wait like 45min for a tech to call back and deactivate everything. Thankfully using the code and transponder in order to enter the store again muted the alarm, so no police, etc, just a call from security to confirm that it was no break-in.
At least I know why it happened and I’m glad it happened to me, not my other colleague. She tends to overreact while things like this don’t really bother me. It was annoying to wait, but at least it’s paid overtime.
I’m also super proud of how much I was able to accomplish yesterday (my shoulders hurt from hauling so much stuff) and I caaaan’t wait for the end of my shift and the (short) weekend.


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