Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Food, glorious food!

Oh, look! Smacks is making a food post! How unusual! *laughs maniacally*

Don’t mind me, I’m kinda giddy. My guys are both here, and I haven’t seen them in a week!


We have a bunch of bits and pieces and odds and ends, so, I made snacks. I sliced 4 cinnamon toast bagels into thin strips, sprayed them lightly with oil, and baked them crispy. Then, I whisked cream cheese, cinnamon sugar butter, and cool whip, together with powdered sugar into a light frosting/dip for the bagel crisps.

Obviously these are not gf/df snacks! The younger kids have tortilla chips and feta and olive dip.


Dinner is a couple of small roasts that are in the crockpot, with beef broth, garlic salt, carrots, and onions. Keeping that part simple today.

So, tell me... what’cha makin’ tonight? Or any other general food talk!

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