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A week and a half ago I posted about not knowing whether I’d get into Bolivia without already having a visa.

I’m posting from Uyuni! The only problem I had getting a visa in La Paz was that two of my 20s had tiny tears on the edges (fortunately I had some extra ones in anticipation). The immigration guy asked me if I would be coming back to Bolivia, and I wasn’t sure what the right answer was so I said, “...Maybe.” And he smiled a little and said, “The visa is for 10 years.”


I haven’t had time to post or even read much here. I was going to say I hope everyone’s well but I know some of you aren’t, or are going through hard times. My best wishes to all of you.

P.S. Why did no one anywhere in my life tell me not to flush toilet paper in South America? Not even my son, until after I’d done it? I just hope I didn’t ruin our Airbnb host’s plumbing before I overcame that reflex.

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