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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Online privacy advice please

Kia ora team

I’m about to do a thing that might prompt people to google me.

That’s vague, I know. I’ll follow with details in a few days. It’s a good thing - i.e. nothing to worry about.


Anyway - as I’m not a private person by nature, I have a bunch of info about myself online - on here in particular, that I was happy to share with GT but isn’t really meant for the public at large (I just figured no one would ever have bothered looking at it before now).

Can anyone tell me how to make all my GT stuff private? Do I have to go into posts one-by-one and change their status to draft? I think that would mean that I could access them for posterity but no one else could see them, right?


Any other advice on how to protect myself and my family online?


And - as I’ve been super busy and not active on here so much lately - how y’all doing?

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