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Introducing Cosmo!

I got a new puppy!

Back in March, my baby girl Kamora unexpectedly got sick, and had to be put down. I was absolutely crushed, and I miss her like crazy. In April, my dad decided we should get another dog since our dog Sadie seemed lonely and needed a friend. After missing out on 5 other dogs at the shelter, we finally got lucky and got Cosmo!

He is a little younger than we were planning to get, but he is perfect! He is so sweet, and just too cute. The shelter said he is some sort of German Shepard mix, and about 3 months old. He has so much energy, and is just a big ol love bug. He also has one white paw, which makes me want to nickname him MJ!



And here is a picture of Kamora. This is how I like to remember her. Happy and full of energy!

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