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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Am Back Celeb Spotting Maybe Except No Idea Of Name

Sorry if I confused everyone when I said I would be away for a few days. We were literally in Maine for the week and I left tablet home. Got lots of pots to make.

I was at a fleamarket yesterday and swore, swore I saw an actor who was from Star Trek TNG for two episodes. He played the Captain Bligh of Star Trek who took over for Picard when he went undercover. He was a severe unfriendly task master who like Trump about 20 plus years later had no idea how ships were run. Troi who was ship counselor always wore dresses on the bridge. I assume since she was an empath the dresses were linked to her empath abilities possibly enhancing them Nope this new captain who knew it was temporary ordered her to wear a uniform on the bridge and I assume with patients.


This man who was sitting in the food section ordering a burger and coffee looked and sounded just like him but 20 years aged. I have no idea his name and did not want to cause mutual humiliation by asking him.

Sorry if I caused concern I really did not want to say I would be away from home for a week.

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