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How Did You Grieve Your Pet?

CN: discussion of pet death.

Hey folks. My spouse’s service dog and a member of our little family died yesterday. He’s was only nine. I’m having a rough time—the house feels empty, I get mad and sad when I see pictures of dogs, I’m basically constantly crying. My spouse is even worse off than me, since her service dog was her whole life and he transformed her quality of life.


So I need some advice and ideas: how have you mourned or grieved for a pet? Did you donate to a charity, have a party, or otherwise do something or commemorate your pet? I’d also love to hear how you deal with the little things that hurt a lot. For example, I have hated eating/cooking in the house since he passed because our doggo was a little Hoover vacuum cleaner who would clean up any crumbs or eat anything I dropped from the counter. It hurts a lot and reminds me that he’s not here. Any coping skills for those little moments would be really helpful. We’re about to leave to take our boy to the cremation place so I won’t be able to respond for a bit, but I’ll be back and would appreciate any advice y’all can give.

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