Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Girl. Let’s have a talk.

Girl, at this point you should just stop talking. Just stop. That, little girl that everyone loves? That Fanning girl? You should let her take charge of the rest of the press tour from here on out.


Cause every time you open your mouth, you simultaneously stick your foot in it and flash us your ass, and I’m starting to feel sorry for you.

Listen I get it. You did not anticipate that anyone would give a fuck about a black woman. I know. And you’re not necessarily wrong in that thought. Because history shows us that generally people really don’t give a fuck about black women.


I know you’re sitting at the chateau marmont right now trying to figure out where you went wrong. How you got here. I know you’re in your hotel room like...

‘Everyone knows that black women aren’t really women because they’re black. They don’t experience sexism just racism. All I wanted to do was make my sexism movie about a bunch of women. why is everyone so mad?’


SHHHH. It’ll be fine. White women aren’t even really mad girl. You will be ok.

Next time, just make a movie in a time where Black women never existed...

Oh wait.




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