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this is a good reminder to have every so often, i think

I just (finally) hung this print and am waiting for the spray paint on my phone case to dry. I’ve been meaning to do more crafty/DIY home decor things, but I don’t have a ton of ideas. So! That’s where you all come in—are there any DIY blogs you love?* Projects you want to make/things you made and want to brag?


The one idea I do have is a corkboard/blackboard/key hooks combo. In our entryway we have a small bulletin board (that kinda sucks, it’s burlap and pins don’t stick well in it) and a row of little hooks for keys (that’s missing a hook and is generally just old and dopey-looking). I want to replace them both with something bigger, prettier, and more functional. I’m thinking I can take two identical picture frames and put cork board in one and chalkboard-paint-ed piece in the other, then add a ledge at the bottom for key hooks/storage cups for chalk and pins.

*Please don’t say Pinterest. I downloaded the app a while back and was underwhelmed, however, I am willing to give it a second chance, if only as a jumping-off point to find good blogs.

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