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More pet probs?

So much LIFE is happening right now that I can hardly keep up. I’m sorry for the drive-by, but I’m desperate.

We had to euthanize FluterDog a week and a half ago. Then, four days later, we moved to another state. The timing wasn’t ideal, but we were barely able to keep her comfortable in our apartment. On the other side of the move, I’m confident she would have died in the car or shortly after exiting it.

FluterPup was with her afterward, but barely acknowledged the body. She was fine at home, but keeping her routine was impossible with all the packing and moving.


She handled the move like a champ. She loved the people who helped us move boxes out and in. She loves her new backyard. Of course there’s always a price to pay for easy.

She’s been crate trained for her entire life, although she tolerated it more than enjoyed it. She has been known to let herself out of it, but doesn’t do it often. She’s recently developed separation anxiety (shocking, I know).

It started small, with her ripping down the blinds when we left for 30 minutes to get supplies for the new place. Last night we had to be out for an hour, so I crated her. Let’s just say she isn’t deterred by pain, and that I came home to what looked like a murder scene. (She chipped some teeth and tore some nails. The chips appear to be superficial and the nails are still rooted in her paws, but we will have her checked on the other side of the holiday to be sure.)

So my otherwise confident dog can’t be home alone. What do I do? I’ve read all the stupid online articles about reconditioning dogs, but they basically say, “and then crate them if that doesn’t work.” If I don’t crate her, she’ll destroy the house but i’m terrified that if I do, she’ll give herself a more serious injury.


Of course I just turned down that job at the dog friendly office, and am likely committed to commuting all over the known land to places which are not dog friendly. Help? Survivor stories?

We just want to get through a few weeks without having to clean vomit, piss, and now blood out of the carpet. I love my remaining baby and want her to be happy. HALP.

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