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What are a few of your favorite things?

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Guys I need help!

First off I haven’t been around in a very long time and I miss the days I came here for friendship and support. I even went to a meetup and met some amazing people. Things seemed to slow down a lot sadly and I got distracted by a lot of work and mental health things. I’m hoping some of you can still give me some good recs.


I’m in an ADD slump. I go between slumps and hyper focusing on things. I have three weeks off work (I’m a lucky bitch) and I’m in a slump. This means I get up and stare at the wall and wait to go to sleep. Nothing sounds good I start and stop books/shows/games/everything. Nothing holds my attention. I need something to make me feel. I need some top tier entertainment. I’m working on my end with meds and forcing myself to go outside and excerise, but I have so much down time and I need to discover something new. So here is where you come in what is something you love that makes you think, laugh until you cannot breathe, cry, leaves you with a lingering feeling, something that has its own atmosphere. Some examples of my likes but I’m open to anything.

I love musicals. I somehow only discovered Caberat recently and just discovered the amazingness that is Jesus Christ Superstar which I love (mostly for Judas).


Movies - I like camp and comedy, horror that isn’t jumpy, documentaries. Movies are hard because I have a hard time sitting through them unless they are really good. Last movie that got me was What we Do in the Shadows I laughed until I cried and watched it multiple times.

Tv - This one is almost impossible because I’ve seen everything. I loved Hannibal, comedies like parks and rec and Arrested development. Period pieces and historical fiction (Vikings/outlander). I like anime as well though it’s been awhile. Last thing that got me was the My brother My brother and me show on seeso. It was so stupid but the guys on this show just make me laugh so hard I cannot breathe.


Books and comics - fantasy (like some comedy in my books), short story writers like Kelly Link. I love Neil Gaiman. comics, learning about things (genetics, astrophysics, history/cultural) It’s been awhile since I really got lost in a book and that makes me sad.

Games - Zelda link to the past was the last game I couldn’t put down. Newest Zelda is a little too much for me. I have a 3ds, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Wouldn’t mind getting lost in a game.


One final thing I’ve been learning about astrophysics and it’s like learning to run before walking. I dropped out of high school because of mental health related issues (life long fun!) and just want to learn basics about matter, energy, atoms etc. where the hell do I start?! Is this chemistry? Biology? I want to learn but don’t know how.

Sorry for the longness but as I said I’m just giving examples I’m very open to new things. I’ve always trusted everyone here to have some awesome recommendations!

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