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Three Things Well Misc. Things

1) Avoid Senior Tuesdays on Tuesdays at Thrift Shops. Unless you are a senior. My mother is and hates Senior Tuesday. Why? Parking lot is packed. Workers put few if any good stuff out that day (Monday and Wed. are better day).

2) Do they make odorless BenGay? Yeah lots of that odor on Senior Tuesday. Does aloe do the trick? My late grandmother used BenGay A LOT I would try to go to the bathroom at night before she used it. She just slathered it on. Literally I saw her rub it from upper arm to wrist. In family room before going to the bathroom she would spread it from above knee to ankle on both legs.

I realize its suppose to be good. Thank god my mother hates that smell also and uses aloe based products.


3) If you are a clerk do NOT act all high and mighty when a person buys a product. I bought this graphic novel adaptation of Laurell K Hamilton’s The Laughing Corpse. This was when her novels were really, really good. I stopped reading after Danse Macarbe they became like a Japanese Role Play Game but instead of fighting bad guys she had to have sex because of her link with Jean Pierre. I kinda pictured her hair like that but not the gravity defying chest. Also I never ever pictured Jean Pierre like this.

I pictured him as a rather ordinary Frenchman with incredble sex appeal not because of his looks but because of his natural vampire sexuality. I always pictured a young Louis Jordan type in the role. Not sure who I would cast as Anita maybe Angie Harmon.


Anyways we paid as the clerk was putting the book in the bag he said “The Laughing Corpse really?” and shook his head. Unprofessional behavior.

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