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We’ve signed the paperwork for our apartment in NYC and I paid my portion of the deposit. Now I have to figure out the move. Some of my constraints/concerns/thoughts:

MOVING COMPANIES. Someone suggested a pod service - which I’m interested in as it is possible not all of my stuff will fit in our apartment. However pods are challenging where I live (no driveways in which to park them) and the only option may be to have someone move my stuff to the pod place. So, I am looking at other options. Anyone have good experience with long distance movers?

I don’t drive, so renting a uhaul isn’t an option. I don’t have anyone I could ask to drive for me.


MOVING CATS. I am moving with two cats - my current plan is to take them on a plane with me. I may pay a friend to go with and we each take one cat. I figure 2-4 stressful hours is better than finding a ride to NYC from here and stressing them out for days. But, I am already having stress dreams about moving them (I’m worried there are no screens on the windows in our apt and they escape).

TIMING OF EVERYTHING. I am thinking of going 1-1.5 weeks before I can move in and get a sublet or stay with a friend/relative. That way there is less time between when my stuff arrives and when I actually move in, and I am not flying right before Labor Day weekend (I can move into our apt on 9.1.17). I also apparently have a meeting I want/need to attend 1 to 1.5 weeks before I am supposed to move in - so there’s that.

Anything else I should consider?

Thank you in advance!!!


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