Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Looking for ideas

Thanks for all of your awesome hair advice last night. I got a new hairbrush and witch hazel and new shampoo and conditioners. I have tea tree oil already to use. We’ll see what my asshole hair does next.

Anyway. my husband and I are fixing to go away on vacation. We are stuck/not sure what to do. Our restrictions: I’m five months pregnant (I think I’ll be fine with flying, but yanno maybe doesn’t have to be a super active trip), it should be less than a thousand bucks, not in a conservative area, and um.... fun? We’re in the Boston area and open to flying. It’d be for three to four nights midweek next week.


So... suggestions? We’re not huge travelers. We usually just go to western Mass. I’d love to go to Fort Lauderdale or Miami but we went to Miami last summer and Mr. Carbs is saying no to Florida. Just throw it at me! I’m at a loss. Thank you. :-)

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